Connecting to Nature

One of the things I like most about hunting is the fact I can disconnect from the hustle of life and enjoy nature in solitude. 

This past weekend, I went camping to celebrate the Fourth of July. I had zero phone service for 3 days and it was amazing. 

I enjoyed being outside and spending my time talking to the people I was with. It’s funny how little people actually talk to each other these days.

One of the things that drew me to hunting was being in the outdoors. It’s an escape away from being so connected with technology.

This past weekend reminded me just how much I like to disconnect and has me excited for a fall full of it. I’m also excited cause we’re going to hunt close to where we camped and I saw a nice three point buck in it’s velvet! Always gets the adrenaline going!

So, do you love to disconnect from technology and enjoy your time in the outdoors? Share your thoughts below!

I’m still in my transition period of this new job and place to live. It’ll probably take a couple weeks before I’m completely settled and can start planning hunting things out this way. Good news is that I’m able to go on an awesome hunting retreat this fall, I’ll post more about it next week!

Best Compound Bows for Women


I’m ready to take the plunge and get into bow hunting!

I don’t know many people personally who bow hunt, so I’m hoping some of you hunters can help me with my search for the perfect compound bow.

I’m looking for a bow that will be in the middle of the pack price wise, I can’t see dropping $800-$1,000 right out of the gate as I’m learning.  I want to use it for deer and elk hunting next season.  And, since I’m not a fan of the colors, no pink or purple bows.

I’m so excited to get out and start learning!  I’ve been interested in bow hunting since before I even took the hunter safety course.  It looks like something fun, as well as challenging.  I don’t want to rush getting a bow, so I’m ready to spend the next several weeks going over articles and product reviews.

What all did you feel you needed to buy to be ready to go out in the field?  I’d love to hear your experiences with the bows you currently use or have used.

So, what compound bows do you love and recommend?  Are there any brands you’ve found that are better than others?  Let me know in the comments below!

Full Draw Film Tour

If you love hunting, especially bow hunting, check out The Full Draw Film Tour.  It’s stopping in several cities along the west and midwest, so check to see if it has a stop near you.

Above is the trailer for this year’s tour.  Unfortunately, I won’t be near any of the stops when they’re happening, but I wish I could go!

I love storytelling, so throw in hunting and I’m basically in love.  I have not actually gone to The Full Draw Film Tour, but I did go to the Hunting Film Tour last year and it was great.  Check out last year’s trailer below.

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Book Review: “The Total Deer Hunter Manual” by Bestul & Hurteau

The Total Deer Hunter Manual

I recently finished The Total Deer Hunter Manual (Field and Stream) by Scott Bestul and Dave Hurteau.  Filled with 301 essential skills, this book has deer hunting tips, tricks, and facts for everyone from the novice to skilled hunter.

Pictures of bucks, does, and hunters grace most of the glossy pages.  Detailed diagrams and illustrations further explain techniques mentioned.  Scattered throughout are amusing author anecdotes, stories of the greatest deer hunters, and pictures of the greatest deer scored.  The humorous writing style keeps the book informative and entertaining from beginning to end.

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My First Hunting Trip

Country Huntress Hunting Trip

Last fall, I joined my dad and brother on their yearly hunting trip.  To say I was excited is an understatement!  In the months leading up to November, my dreams were filled with different hunting scenarios.  My brother drew a late season buck tag, which meant our trip would be in November instead of October’s general season.  While my brother hunted deer, my dad and I were going to hunt upland birds.  I was hoping to get at least a pheasant.

We left on a Friday and halfway into the drive I realized that I had forgotten my hunting boots.  I had carefully placed them next to my door to be sure I wouldn’t forget them.  Whoops!  I only had the Nikes on my feet and knew those weren’t going to work being mostly mesh.  When we got to town to buy food for the weekend, I ran (yes, literally ran) to the closest retail store as my dad and brother shopped for food.  I bought the cheapest pair of boots and by some miracle, I didn’t get one blister the entire weekend.  My feet hurt, that’s for sure, but no blisters.

We decided that if you have to buy a pair of boots to wear immediately, buy the cheap ones because there isn’t nice, stiff leather to break in.  It’s possible that’s completely wrong, but I don’t know how else I didn’t get a single blister walking the entire weekend in a brand new pair of boots.  After my forgotten boots fiasco was fixed, we headed to camp with a food stocked RV.  The sun was setting when we arrived so unfortunately there was no time for scouting after we set up.  We went to bed early to be ready for the long day ahead.

My alarm went off at 5am on Saturday.  Instead of hitting snooze like I normally do, I was wide awake and full of excitement for the day.  After eating a quick breakfast, we grabbed our gear and headed out for the day.  My dad and brother have hunted this land for decades but last year it went through some changes.  My brother went to the main part of the hill to start deer hunting.  My dad wanted to show me the land as we started bird hunting.  We took off for a patch of brush on a hill in the distance.  Walking on tilled dirt definitely isn’t my favorite, it’s harder than it looks!  After twenty minutes of walking, we arrived at the brush and tried flushing birds out.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a buck out in the field that took off over a ridge.

A little while later, we saw three deer come over the ridge and go down into an area with a small stream running through it.  My dad decided we should walk to that area and see if the deer had bedded down near the stream.  If we found them, they might run up the hill toward my brother.  I don’t even know how to describe the excitement I had seeing those deer.  All I knew is that I couldn’t wait for next year when I was able to go for my own deer.  Keeping the wind in our faces, we made the long trek to the back of the ridge.  As we rounded the corner, we found the stream and it was no longer surrounded by vegetation.  There were no deer in sight.  We headed up toward the main hill to see if my brother had any success.  We logged about 10 miles walking that day all over the land.

One patch of brush was over half a mile long, my dad walked the top and I walked the base.  After a few minutes of walking, one doe sprang from the brush and took off.  A little further down, my dad was looking off in the distance when an animal got up and darted past him.  I couldn’t quite tell what it was because it happened so quick, but then three big, dark bodies stood up with their backs turned to me.  When their ears perked up, I realized they were coyotes and they all took off running within feet from my dad.  He only saw two run by and was a bit surprised to say the least!  Toward the end of the brush, another doe jumped out and took off in the same direction the others had.  I thought it was so interesting to see what all was hiding in the brush mere yards from each other.

By the end of the day we jumped two sets of birds.  Unfortunately, we weren’t really trying to flush them out when it happened so we weren’t set up for a good shot either time.  I learned the importance of always being ready.  My brother saw a four point buck but didn’t have a good shot at him.  As the sun was setting, we called it a day.

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