Best Compound Bows for Women


I’m ready to take the plunge and get into bow hunting!

I don’t know many people personally who bow hunt, so I’m hoping some of you hunters can help me with my search for the perfect compound bow.

I’m looking for a bow that will be in the middle of the pack price wise, I can’t see dropping $800-$1,000 right out of the gate as I’m learning.  I want to use it for deer and elk hunting next season.  And, since I’m not a fan of the colors, no pink or purple bows.

I’m so excited to get out and start learning!  I’ve been interested in bow hunting since before I even took the hunter safety course.  It looks like something fun, as well as challenging.  I don’t want to rush getting a bow, so I’m ready to spend the next several weeks going over articles and product reviews.

What all did you feel you needed to buy to be ready to go out in the field?  I’d love to hear your experiences with the bows you currently use or have used.

So, what compound bows do you love and recommend?  Are there any brands you’ve found that are better than others?  Let me know in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Best Compound Bows for Women

  1. I use a recurve bow, so I can’t help with compound suggestions. But I’m interested to hear what people say! Maybe I’ll try a compound someday, too. Have you ever hunted with a crossbow? That’s what I plan to try next.

    • That’s so cool that you use a recurve bow! How do you like using it?
      I’ll be making a post about all the bows I go through to find the one I end up with! Washington is a state with restrictions on using crossbows and considers them a modern firearm so I haven’t really thought about learning that. What are you going to hunt with a crossbow? They do look awesome to use.

      • I like the old-fashionedness of the recurve, but it has two big drawbacks for actual hunting. One is that is doesn’t have a sight. You can add one, but that requires drilling into the wood of the bow and I would rather not. The second drawback is that it’s very tall, too tall to fit in a blind. It’s easiest to shoot a recurve from a standing position. That’s why I’m looking into a crossbow. Where I live you can use a crossbow across all seasons, so it actually extends your available hunting time. I am planning to hunt turkey and deer with it.

      • That makes sense about a recurve bow having those drawbacks. Sounds like a crossbow is a good option for you! That’s awesome that using it can extend your hunting seasons. Maybe Washington will do something like that one day. I’m excited to read about your hunts with a crossbow when you get one! Do you want one for this deer season?

  2. I’m curious if have the opportunity to visit a local archery shop and shot a variety of bows? It’s such a personal choice and so many options are out there. If you think you are going to use a blind, then I would recommend a bow that’s going to allow you to comfortably shoot inside and allow you to get to full draw. Best wishes, and happy hunting!

    • That’s a great idea to go to a shop and try them out! I’ve looked at a couple shops in the area and might do that. A friend also mentioned going to Cabelas to try them and I may do that as well. I’m not yet sure if I’ll use a blind or not, but that’s good to know to make sure to get one that can work in multiple places. You’ve given me a lot of good things to consider as I start this search, thank you!

  3. Hi Jen! First of all, welcome! When I got into bowhunting, my husband took me shopping & we decided on the Hoyt Ruckus. It was cute & pink (NOT what I had in mind!!), but it got it done & I shot my first buck deer with it! The complete setup was roughly $500! I have since graduated to the Mathews Jewel. It’s of course by far more costly, but a part of me misses my little Ruckus. Check it out! Good luck on your search. I’m confident you will find the perfect bow to meet your needs!

    • Thank you for the recommendation! I’ll be sure to look into that bow. I’ll definitely eat my words if I end up with a pink bow! But if I love the bow, then I guess color doesn’t matter much! I’m hoping that after a couple years with my first bow to also graduate to one that’s nicer and a little more expensive, so I’ll keep the Mathews Jewel in mind when I get to that point. Thank you! I’ll be sure to post about the search, and I know once I get one I’ll be posting about it all the time!

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