Full Draw Film Tour

If you love hunting, especially bow hunting, check out The Full Draw Film Tour.  It’s stopping in several cities along the west and midwest, so check to see if it has a stop near you.

Above is the trailer for this year’s tour.  Unfortunately, I won’t be near any of the stops when they’re happening, but I wish I could go!

I love storytelling, so throw in hunting and I’m basically in love.  I have not actually gone to The Full Draw Film Tour, but I did go to the Hunting Film Tour last year and it was great.  Check out last year’s trailer below.

The Hunting Film Tour doesn’t have many dates released yet for this year, but I’m really hoping they do another big tour.  I’d jump on the chance to go!

Last year, no videos featured any female hunters which was a little bit of a let down.  It would be awesome to see a few huntresses featured at either of these film tours.

The tours are very similar, one is focused solely on bow hunting while the other includes all types of hunting.  The quality of the short films shown is really impressive.  Amazing shots that truly make you feel all the emotions the hunter is going through.

If you go to either of their websites, you can watch several videos to get a sense of what you’d see.  All of the films definitely get your blood pumping and make you wish it was hunting season!

In addition to a couple of hours of great short hunting films, it’s just a fun event to go to and it’s family-friendly (if your kids don’t mind seeing animals shot and harvested).  There are also hunting raffle prizes given away throughout the night.  And who doesn’t love free prizes?

I’m hoping to make it to one of these film tours this year.  They definitely got me excited to get out and go on my own hunts.

Have you gone to any hunting film tours or will you attend either of these?  What did you think if you’ve been?  Share below!


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