Connecting to Nature

One of the things I like most about hunting is the fact I can disconnect from the hustle of life and enjoy nature in solitude. 

This past weekend, I went camping to celebrate the Fourth of July. I had zero phone service for 3 days and it was amazing. 

I enjoyed being outside and spending my time talking to the people I was with. It’s funny how little people actually talk to each other these days.

One of the things that drew me to hunting was being in the outdoors. It’s an escape away from being so connected with technology.

This past weekend reminded me just how much I like to disconnect and has me excited for a fall full of it. I’m also excited cause we’re going to hunt close to where we camped and I saw a nice three point buck in it’s velvet! Always gets the adrenaline going!

So, do you love to disconnect from technology and enjoy your time in the outdoors? Share your thoughts below!

I’m still in my transition period of this new job and place to live. It’ll probably take a couple weeks before I’m completely settled and can start planning hunting things out this way. Good news is that I’m able to go on an awesome hunting retreat this fall, I’ll post more about it next week!

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