Washington Outdoor Women Fall Retreat Registration


I just got my schedule in the mail for this year’s Washington Outdoor Women fall retreat!  I went last year and had the best time learning about duck hunting and archery.


I’m really excited for the workshops I’ll be taking this year: Fly Fishing 101, Wilderness First Aid, Survival Skills, and First Aid for Dogs.

I can’t wait for Fly Fishing, the instructor seems amazing.  I remember last year a woman told me she took that workshop and now teaches other people how to fly fish from everything she learned.

I was happy when I saw they offered a Wilderness First Aid course this year.  I’ve been wanting to take something on first aid basics since you can be miles away from help when you’re out hunting.  I can’t wait to see what I learn in there.  Survival Skills is another workshop that’ll teach me skills I’ve been wanting to learn.  The chance of getting stuck or lost in the outdoors is always there, so knowing how to make shelter and fire will be great to make me more confident when I’m out hunting.

I can’t wait, I’m so excited!  September needs to hurry up and get here!  Definitely expect posts on everything I learn!

Registration is open until September 7th if any ladies are in Washington and would like to go!  You can find more information on the workshops and the registration here.

5 thoughts on “Washington Outdoor Women Fall Retreat Registration

  1. Jen I believe you will really love the fly fishing course.. My father taught me how to fly fish when I was 7 years old. I keep an assortment of fly rods around.. And even though these days keep me busy with hunting and hiking..There is nothing so relaxing and rewarding than to get out in the wilds of WA and fish streams or highland lakes with a fly.. And no better way to catch some fresh trout for breakfast while camping… Lots of good memories! Have fun at you “WOW” and looking forward to hearing about it all!

    • I can’t wait for the fly fishing course! I think I’ll really love it! That’s great your dad taught you when you were younger, definitely seems like a great way to relax. I’m so excited for the WOW weekend, only a few weeks away!

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