Spring is Here!

Spring is here and life seems to be busier than ever! There are so many posts I want to write but can’t seem to find the time. So here’s a quick update until I get a weekend to sit down and write everything out!

– The Washington Outdoor Women’s waterfowling workshop was an amazing experience! I learned so much and met some great women! I can’t wait to get out this fall and put to use everything I learned. Expect many long, picture filled posts to come! 

– I achieved my goal of running a 5k this year (picture above after finishing)! It was raining the entire time, but I did it! On my way with my fitness goals. Next goal is to up the arm workouts for bow hunting. 

– I’m going to buy a bow in the next couple weeks, really when I get a time to head out and try them. I can’t wait! I feel this purchase will put me down the rabbit hole for a passion of archery.

– I found a lake near me that I’m going to check out for fishing! I can’t wait to spend a few days out relaxing on the water!

So now I just need life to shift to a slower gear to enjoy everything! I’m hoping to get new posts up soon!

I’m jealous of all of you getting out for turkey season! Happy hunting! šŸ¦ƒ

4 thoughts on “Spring is Here!

  1. Nice job Jen! Yep getting excited to go out and get my 3 WA turkeys with the bow. Feeling confident! Suggestion, you might try out the Diamond (made by Bowtech) Infinite edge pro. I picked one up this last year, after a lot of research. And reading every forum I could find. And absolutely love it. Elk season this year, I talked to men, women and children, that either had one or wished they had one. One of the sweetest bows I have ever shot. And affordable. It is one of the most versatile bows out there. It has a very large range of adjustable draw weights, starting at like 5lbs up to 70, and draw lengths from 13 to 31. And one of the most silent bows, I have “never” heard. Doing some thunderegg hunting in E. Oregon. Then back to do some Columbia springer fishing, before heading out for turkey..
    Jen careful with the arm exercises, we don’t want you looking like a muscle woman. šŸ™‚
    I find that the Actionline KY-64002 5 spring exerciser fits the bill. I believe it was designed to expand chest muscle’s when used in a cross chest method. But if you take a few springs out to start and hold it like a bow and pull it towards you, as if pulling an arrow. In no time it bulks up the correct muscles, without making muscles that just may get in the way. Just an idea. I believe you can get one on Amazon for around $30. Glad you learned a lot during the waterfowl seminar. Maybe see you out and about this next season… Quack Quack

    • Thank you for the recommendation of the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro bow, I’ll definitely check it out! Still need to get around to buying one. That’s a great way to exercise the muscles used for a bow, I’ll look into getting one of those!

  2. Jen, Did not get my birds with the bow, but I sure tried hard. Ended up still getting all 3 Wa species. with a shotgun. My 13th. year. Hope you can get out sometime. Its a blast. Willing to share advice!

    • That’s too bad you didn’t get any with a bow, but great you got all three species with a shotgun! Definitely need to plan to get out next year!

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