2015 Goals Revisited

Country Huntress

2015 went by in a flash!  I made goals at the beginning of 2015 for hunting and fishing.  Some were accomplished and some weren’t.  So here’s a look back at the goals I set and if I achieved them.

1. Get in shape
This didn’t end up happening with a move across the state and a new job shaking things up more than I expected.  But I’m back to working on this goal now with a 5k coming up in March.

2. Shoot first deer 
Yes!  This one was accomplished with a doe shot on Decatur Island during late season.

3. Hike and scout more 
Again, with the new job and move this didn’t really happen.  I’m in a new area so this year I’m hoping to get out more and scout.

4. Go duck hunting
Nope, unfortunately.  I tried several times to set up a weekend to get out with my brother but our schedules didn’t line up.  He’s promised to take me out next season!

5. Go upland bird hunting 
Nope — same reason as above.  I feel like a broken record!

6. Fish More
Yes!  I caught my first salmon and tried out surf fishing.

7. Cook Game Recipes
Yes, and I cooked  some delicious ones!  Meatloaf and steak oscar!

So the year didn’t quite go exactly as I wanted.  But a new job got me back around friends and family so I’m happy with that!

Next week I’ll be posting my 2016 goals.  Some 2015 ones I’ll try to make happen again and some new ones.

What were your 2015 goals?  Did you accomplish what you wanted?

2 thoughts on “2015 Goals Revisited

  1. Your problem is in your goals. My goals for 2015 didn’t pan out. For 2016, however, I decided to choose resolutions that would improve my quality of life; drink more wine, drink more hot chocolate, never turn down a worthy dessert, be more adventurous in my cooking, delve in charcuterie, enjoy my family more. So far I’m right on target! Much easier to keep my resolutions and I’m enjoying doing so. 🙂

    • I love it!! You’re definitely right, I didn’t have all the best goals. I may need to add a few in to my list for this year! Your list is a great one and I might steal a couple. It’s a good mindset for the New Year! I was actually able to spend more time with my family than I have in the last 5 years, so in that regard 2015 was a big success. Good luck to you on yours! And thanks for reminding me to make sure to have goals in there to enjoy life more 🙂

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