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Victoria over at A Texan In South Africa created a great new group called Huntresses United.  It’s for women who are passionate about the outdoors, educate others about conservation through hunting, encourage and support women in the outdoors, and embody being an ethical hunter.

I love her idea and gladly joined!  Even as a female hunter, it can be hard to find other outdoorsy blogs written by women.  Huntresses United is a place to easily find other blogs by female writers sharing their outdoor experiences, be it hunting or fishing.

Check it out here!  Find other great blogs to follow or join the list yourself!

Thanks for putting this together Victoria!  It’s great you’re bringing huntresses together!

5 thoughts on “Huntresses United

  1. Great recommendation! I am following her blog now too. I agree that it’s hard to find “outdoorsy blogs” written by other women. I have found that the majority of mainstream hunting and fishing publications I’ve read are mostly put together by men, though they are good too. It is just encouraging to not feel as much like a minority being a woman joining the hunting “club”!

    • Woohoo! I’m so glad she put this together and is connecting female hunters!

      I agree! Most of what you find is written by men. But it’s really cool to see the number of women growing in the hunting world. It seems new blogs keep popping up which is a great sign. I love reading other women’s experiences, it’s nice being able to completely relate to them and like you said, not feel like such a minority in the hunting club!

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