ICYMI: Eva Shockey On Opening Bell

In case you missed it last week, Eva Shockey sat down with Sandra Smith on Fox News’ Opening Bell to discuss the hunting industry and female hunters.

It was a great interview that touches on a lot of topics within the world of hunting.  They discussed the color pink on women’s hunting gear (glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to wear pink in the field!), women having more options when it comes to hunting products, how hunting is conservation, and how hunting provides organic wild game meat.

I agreed with a lot of what Eva had to say.  Especially when it came to conservation and how a lot of people who don’t like hunting don’t understand how it is conservation.  Her reasons for getting into hunting really hit home for me too.  The idea of providing meat for my family one day and bonding with family over hunting were the reasons I decided to sign up for the hunter safety course.

Eva mentioned there being more platforms for women to access hunting to learn more about it and possibly become a hunter.  The websites, forums, and blogs I found when starting out definitely encouraged me to take the steps to be where I’m at now.

Do you agree with what Eva and Sandra had to say?  Sound off below!

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