Update: The Company’s Response

Great news!  I’m pleased to say the company I mentioned in my previous post, has responded to my email and addressed the incident exceptionally well.

Last week, after thinking about it for awhile, I sent an email which echoed what was written in my blog post.  I decided this was too important of an issue and I should address it.  The next day, I received the following email.

Company's First Response

As you might imagine, when I received the email, I wasn’t quite sure if this was simply to appease me or if they would actually make good on their promise to escalate the issue to the top.  This week, I received the following email from the company’s Creative Director.

Company's Second Response

I’m very pleased with their quick response, as well as how professionally and personally they addressed the situation.  It was great having a woman reach out who understands what it’s like being a female in the hunting world.  It means a lot that she shared her personal story with me.  That really went above and beyond what I had expected.

She makes a great point that as a female hunter, you need to be sure your voice is heard.  It was similar to what a few of you shared in your comments on the last post.  This was definitely a learning experience for me.  Taking her advice, plus what some of you wrote, I know I’ll be more confident in a situation like this if it happens again.

I’m happy with how they handled the situation and it has restored my respect for the company.  My intention in sending the email was to make the company aware of the issue, but I do appreciate their offer of apology.  I look forward to trying their product and will give an honest review after using it.

I’m glad that this unfortunate situation now has a good ending and that I can continue on knowing I did what I needed to do to make sure the issue was addressed. I hope this experience of mine can help you in handling similar situations if they should ever arise.


4 thoughts on “Update: The Company’s Response

  1. Yes! I am so glad you reached out, super stoked on how they responded, and I’m a super proud blogosphere friend. Nice work, Jen. I believe the best word for all of this is “efficacy” 🙂

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