Weddings, Babies, and Hunting Season

Sometimes, as you’re dreaming of white tail deer, your friend is dreaming of their picture perfect wedding day.  Every now and again, these happen at the same time.  As a woman in my late twenties, there’s an ever growing number of engagements, weddings, and babies happening in the lives of those closest to me.  That can mean trading in your camo and rifle for a dress and heels.


Last year, I traded my Browning .243 for a bouquet of flowers and a purple bridesmaid dress as I stood by my best friend on her wedding day.  It also just happened to be opening day of the modern firearm general season for deer.

I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed to be missing out on the chance to get my first buck, but I knew there’d be next season.  From dealing with a crazy hairdresser who locked my friend (the bride) in a room to figuring out the complex process of putting up the bustle of her dress, memories were made that we’ll be laughing about for years.

I really can’t imagine being anywhere but where I was that day.  Deer will come around every year, seeing your best friend since 7th grade get married only comes around once.


On my first ever hunt, my friend and I headed out as the sun was rising to hunt for quail.  We went to several different patches of land, but the morning was cut short due to my friend’s baby shower.  Her family was kind enough to let us hunt a patch of their land where her dad had seen several quail.

I kept a close eye on my watch to be sure I had enough time to get back and be ready for the baby shower.  Once there, I ran to the bathroom to change out of my hunting gear, fix my sweaty hair, and put on some makeup to join the women who were all dolled up for the occasion.

When a couple of friends asked about my morning, I told them I had been out quail hunting.  Neither would’ve guessed it by looking at me and both agreed they wouldn’t want to wake up that early to do anything.  Funny how a predawn alarm clock during hunting season is something you can be excited about.

It was a fun day of all things pink, including the camo bib that was part of my gift to the momma to be.  Gotta start the camo love young!

Hunting Season

Juggling social events and hunting season is something I’m sure all hunters encounter.  It’s great when the timing works out so you’re easily able to make both.  As the only woman who hunts in my group of friends, I can be on the receiving end of some seriously funny looks when I put hunting first.

I’ve already turned down some plans this year because they fall during hunting season.  It’s going to take something big to make me miss getting a buck this year!  With a short modern fire general season in Washington, those nine days are important to me.

I look forward to creating more memories with my friends and family, but I also can’t wait to create some really great hunting memories that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  Hopefully they understand if I decline an invitation!

Have you had to deal with juggling friends and hunting season?  Comment below and share your story!


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