Hey Texas Huntresses!

I’ll be heading your way next month for my first ever Texas trip!

I know a few of you that I follow are from the Lone Star State and I can use your help! I want to maximize my time there to see and experience everything I can. 

I’ll be in the Houston area, so where should I go and what should I see to have the best Texas experience? I know the state is enormous so you might not be near Houston, but I’m looking for any restaurants or stores unique to Texas that I’d never find up here in Washington!

There won’t be any time for hunting unfortunately, but I’d love to check out popular hunting areas to see how much they differ from what I’m used to. 

My family has some Texas roots, so I can’t wait to see the state! And discover how good Texas barbecue really is!

Share your suggestions below and I’ll check them out! I can’t wait to plan this trip!

6 thoughts on “Hey Texas Huntresses!

  1. I few years ago, I won an all expense paid turkey hunt with the Federal cartridge company. We hunted at a ranch called Stasneys cook ranch out of Albany Texas, near Abilene. Which is about 180 miles northwest of Houston, If you get a chance to go take a tour it would be worth it. There is literally thousands of turkeys, and probably almost that many deer. And half again as many wild pigs. It is in the middle of scattered oil wells. On around 100,000 acres. Hope you have a nice trip. And if you make it to San Antonio give a wave to my cousins on the way to the Alamo..Just a couple hours to your west. Have not made it to Houston, but stayed in Dallas a few times… I am sure you wont have any trouble finding a Cajun restaurant. And get you a bull full of crawdaddys, while you shuck your peanuts and throw the shells on the floor… Again have a great time and a safe trip!

    • What a cool trip to win! That sounds like a great experience!

      I’ll definitely need to try some crawdads! Thank you, I can’t wait to go!

    • I’ll add that place to my list! I love a good BBQ sauce! Thank you for the pronunciation on pecan. I definitely say it like puh-con. I’ll probably sound like Sally in When Harry Met Sally when Harry has her say pecan pie over and over!

      Thank you! I’ll definitely be posting all about the trip!

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