Almost late season hunt time!

Life has been busy lately! I was excited to finally have a slow day to write a long post, but the weather had other plans. 

A big wind storm knocked power out at my place yesterday and we’re still without it now. The laptop has no battery life and my phone’s battery is dwindling down. So the post will have to wait. 
I’m excited to get out for the late season hunt this weekend! Cross your fingers it’s successful and I get my first deer!

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the sunsets here, the Puget Sound sure is gorgeous!



5 thoughts on “Almost late season hunt time!

  1. Good luck! Been seeing a lot of bucks this week. They are mostly still in rut. I instructed a couple of the big ones to show up where you are this weekend.. They were curious to why. I just told them you had a big surprise for them…

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