Gearing Up for WOW’s fall workshop!

I’m starting to pack and get ready to head out this Friday for the Washington Outdoor Women’s 17th annual fall workshop! I can’t wait.   The workshops I’m taking are: Duck Hunting 101, Archery, and Big Game Hunting Basics. I’m really excited for all of those and know I’m really going to benefit from this. I wish I could’ve gotten into a fly fishing class but there’s always next year!

I’m glad I’ll be taking the duck hunting workshop since I’ll hopefully be out doing that soon with my family. 

Outside of going to learn these skills, I’m really looking forward to meeting other women with similar interests. It’s harder than I thought finding women who share a love of the outdoors.  Hopefully I can come back from this on Sunday with a couple hunting and fishing female friends. 

Expect many posts about everything I’ve learned when I get back! 

4 thoughts on “Gearing Up for WOW’s fall workshop!

  1. I agree…”Its harder than I thought finding woman who share a love of the outdoors. Sounds cool that you are going to the womans workshop. It should be a blast. I love all the things that you are taking. I have duck hunted since I was 14. Fly fished since I was 6. Shot my first deer when I was fourteen. Elk when I was sixteen. And hold the record for consecutive kills in Washington state for 3 species of turkey. Countless freezers full of game and fish. And many many tens of thousands of miles put on my feet hiking.. Nothing like enjoying the outdoors and saving a buck or two, the wilderness way. Instead of going to a gym. I enjoy reading everthing you post. It is great to hear someone with such a growing passion. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you David, I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Sounds like you’ve done some great hunting in the state! It’s definitely better to enjoy the outdoors instead of being in a gym!

    • Thank you Kelli! Look for the first of many posts on Wednesday. I learned so much I have to break the posts up or it would be the longest post ever to include everything that happened haha.

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