Salmon Fishing Pt. 2

During our salmon fishing trip in the San Juans, we caught a couple of fish that I wasn’t expecting to catch—a dogfish!  Basically a little shark.

Dogfish caught

San Juans Dogfish

San Juans Dogfish

We caught two dogfish that day and it was really interesting to see them up close.  Both had completely different markings.  We looked at them, took pictures, then threw them back in the water.

Here are more pictures from that weekend.  It was a beautiful day from start to end!

San Juans Sunrise

San Juans Salmon Fishing Reel

San Juans Panoromic

San Juans Salmon Fishing

San Juans Sunrise

2 thoughts on “Salmon Fishing Pt. 2

    • I think they look really funny, especially when they open their mouth and it’s almost like they’re smiling. Another person on the boat got a picture like that. We were all laughing from how silly it looked.

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