2015 Hunting Goals

With one hunting season down, I have a better idea of the goals I’d like to accomplish this year.

1.  Get in shape!
Hiking up steep inclines made me winded pretty quickly.  After carrying my shotgun for hours, I realized how weak my arms were.  I’m hoping to increase my strength and stamina by the time fall rolls around.

2.  Shoot my first deer.
I’m really motivated to get a deer.  It was exciting watching my brother try to get one last year, but I really want do that for myself.  I want to spend as much time scouting as I can before the season starts to give it my best shot.  Which leads to my next goal…

3.  Hike and scout more.
I want to know the land better so I have a plan in place for when the season starts again.  Plus, hiking will help with my first goal to get in shape for walking on tough terrain.

4.  Go duck hunting and shoot my first duck.
My brother and I went out duck hunting last December.  No ducks were flying but I still enjoyed being out.  I’m hoping this year to be able to join him on more duck hunts and shoot my first duck.

5.  Go upland bird hunting and shoot a bird.
My first ever hunting experience was with a friend as we went out quail hunting.  It was a lot of fun, but the only quail we saw were on the road in areas we couldn’t hunt.  I’m hoping to go back out with him and finally get myself a bird!

6.  Go fishing more.
I don’t really care what I go fish for, I just want to spend more time out on the water relaxing and enjoying fishing.

7.  Cook game recipes.
I want to learn some great recipes to make delicious meals with the game I’m able to harvest this year.

Last year, I barely got my feet wet with hunting.  This year, I’m ready to dive in and reach these goals!  I’m excited to look back at the end of 2015 to see everything I accomplished.

2 thoughts on “2015 Hunting Goals

  1. I also have a fitness goal before hunting season – I want to be able to drag my own deer out of the woods without the help of my boyfriend! Isn’t it fun having a goal to reach – it makes going to the gym a little less of a burden.

    What type of game recipes are you looking for? I have two or three really great venison recipes I’d love to share with you!

    • That’s a great goal! Before last season, I was wearing a weighted backpack and walking on a treadmill at a high incline to get myself ready to pack a deer out from the hilly land. I definitely want to be the one to do the hard work once I get a deer. It’s a lot easier getting my work outs done when I know it’ll pay off later this year! Good luck on reaching your goal!
      I’m looking for venison and duck recipes at the moment, I’m really hoping to be getting those this year. Thank you, I’d love to hear what recipes you have! I have a few that I’m excited to try, but no one in my family got a deer last year so I have awhile to wait before I can test them out. More motivation for me to get a deer this year, I want to get cooking all these delicious recipes!

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