Special Hunt Permits – Washington

Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Today is the deadline to put in for 2015 special hunt permits in Washington.  In this state, being drawn for special hunt permits is based off a point system.  The more points, the better your chance of being drawn.  For once in a lifetime hunts, like moose, it can take more than a decade before being drawn.

When it comes to the point system for drawing permits, I definitely regret not hunting sooner and building points longer.  This is the first year I’m putting in for special hunt permits that I hope to draw years down the line.  I’m starting by putting in for moose and elk tags.

I absolutely love reading hunting stories.  Last year, I was captivated reading the story of one woman’s moose hunt.  The adrenaline and excitement sprang from the page and I felt like I was there with her.  After reading that, I knew that one day I wanted to go on my own moose hunt.

I also love bowhunting stories from elk season.  That is one hunt I can’t wait to do.  I’m looking forward to hunting deer this year with my rifle.  But I am going to be beside myself excited for the first elk hunt I do with a bow.  Hopefully I can make that happen in the next couple of years.

Putting in for special hunt permits isn’t cheap, but it sure has me excited thinking about hunts to come!

Are you hoping to be drawn for any special hunts this year?  Comment below and share what hunt you’d love to go on!